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Evidence for God from teleology

Teleological argument is also refer to as design argument for the existence of God. Following is the short summary of argument of God. Existence from teleology. There are several forces of the universe; such as the gravitational force, the weak force, and electromagnetic force. These are highly fine tuned for life to exists here on…


Evidence for existence of God: Cosmological argument (short read).

The scientific evidence shows that space, time and matter exploded into being out of literally nothing. Since space, time and matter had a beginning, there must be a spaceless, timeless, immaterial, & super-powerful cause beyond the universe that brought the universe into existence. Spaceless, timeless, immaterial, & super-powerful are all the attributes of theistic God of…


Hindu: my family and all the relatives believes on Hinduism therefore I also believe

Whenever some Hindu rejects Christianity he/she usually brings the objection that his family and relatives from generations to generations have been believing in Hinduism and therefore they cannot accept christian worldview. Looking at the core of this objection one has to ask oneself what is truth. If someone or a group believes something that is…


Understanding Hinduism (part 1)

Hinduism is Complex belief system and to simply try to explain it in a blog post won’t  do any justice to whoever who wants to learn. So in these series of work I will try to get into details of most of the question raised against Christianity by hindus and also try to explain the…

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