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Is the transmission process of New Testament documents a telephone game?

One of the common objection is that the New Testament documents (and early oral traditions) have been passed on so many times over hundreds of years that errors have inevitably crept in and corrupted the text. The example of the “telephone game” illustrates this objection: a message is whispered to the first person in a…


Evidence for God from teleology

Teleological argument is also refer to as design argument for the existence of God. Following is the short summary of argument of God. Existence from teleology. There are several forces of the universe; such as the gravitational force, the weak force, and electromagnetic force. These are highly fine tuned for life to exists here on…


Evidence for existence of God: Cosmological argument (short read).

The scientific evidence shows that space, time and matter exploded into being out of literally nothing. Since space, time and matter had a beginning, there must be a spaceless, timeless, immaterial, & super-powerful cause beyond the universe that brought the universe into existence. Spaceless, timeless, immaterial, & super-powerful are all the attributes of theistic God of…

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